Saturday, March 18, 2006

What I've been up to!!!

I promise I have been very busy. Perhaps not too busy to post, but busy none the less. I have taken some photos (and deleted some too I am afraid), but I haven't mastered the job of posting to this blog! Job for tomorrow I promise. Just at the moment I "live" for a few particular blogs and I hope that changes soon as it is very unproductive! For anyone who may have "stopped by" recently, things will improve!


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Alena said...

thank you very much for leaving and comment on my blog, it is always nice to find one and even more if it is so flattering :o)
I work with 3/4" hexagons - I would never imagine I would do such a thing but I got infected by Lucy from the Quilting with the Past so now I want to finish it... I also prefer these simple flowers to those complemented with paths or even diamonds and triangles, well hope I will be patient enough to continue with it... Thanks again, looking for your blogging entries, alena.