Monday, October 16, 2006

Our trip to Narrabri - Mt Kaputar

Narrabri is in what they call "Big sky country" as it is so flat but Mt Kaputar is less than 1 hour driving time away. We went there one day and took a picnic lunch with us. The kangaroos are used to people and so tame they come right up close.

This is the view from the lookout on Mt Kaputar.

There were three Kangaroos that came over to us and two had Joeys in the pouch. You can see the joey clearly in this photo. No zoom used, they came this close!

This is Loretta and the girls at the first lookout we stopped at on the way up the mountain.


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joyce said...

That looks like an interesting trip. I was very excited to see my first kangaroo in the wild the first time I went to Australia. Of course, here in Canada we have nothing like that. My Australian SIL was excited to see deer in our back yard though so I guess familarity makes all the difference in whether something is exotic or not.