Friday, October 27, 2006


I love to watch the sunset. I love the colours displayed in the sky as the sun goes to bed. I am sure the sunrise is just as spectacular but honestly, I am not up for sunrise. My husband is a night owl and my daughters appear to be following suit. I get up in the morning when the first child awakes and that is around 7am. Sunrise here, at this time of year, happens about 5am!

Recently Inga and Hedgehog have posted sunrise photos from their part of the world and they look beautiful.

These pictures where taken just after 6pm (18:00 hours) on Thursday 26/10/06.



Hedgehog said...

Amazing photos - thanks for sharing!

Alena said...

waw, Jodie, what a beauty! those palm trees look so exotic to me :o)
especially at this time of the year...

Inga Helene said...

What a view! Those palmtrees sure makes it exotic for me also. The sky reminds me of an autumn sky up here.