Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am cleaning up

No it is not spring time, it is the height of summer, hot and very, very humid but I am cleaning out this house!

This year with Charlotte at school everyday and Chanel at daycare two days a week I am vowing to be organised! Last year some time Patty listed her cleaning schedule with daily, weekly, monthly, six monthly and even annual chores. I kept it and although most of her routine is not relevant to me I will adapt it and change accordingly. One thing I remember her saying was if you are in a mess, give yourself the time to de-clutter and have bags for


Well I haven't come across too much to put away. Gradually as Charlotte has grown out of clothes and toys they have gone to Chanel. But Chanel is growing out of things now. The baby toys are gone, the hand knitted baby clothes are gone (except for what my mum, nan and mother-in-law knitted). This is the tropics after all.

All my odd glassware that is not longer a set is gone, we have acquired far more along the way. Unused wedding presents, we will celebrate our 8 anniversary this May.

The girls bedrooms are looking lovely and tidy. I know it won't stay like that but everything has a home that it can go back to.
For now Chanel is not sleeping all the time in her bed so we still need the cot as well. When that goes she will have a lot more room. I have fairy lights for her room but she is still at the pull it apart stage so hopefully soon we can make everything prettier.

I am particularly happy with my hallway cupboard, there is now some empty space in there.

Well if you lasted this long, well done. Not the most interesting post.

Thanks for all the well wishes on Charlotte's first day of school. She had a ball. She came home hot, sweaty and grinning from ear to ear! She hardly ate any lunch, so finished it at home for afternoon tea. When I asked her why she didn't eat much she said "Mummy I was too busy!"



Anonymous said...

The children's rooms look so wonderful and the linen cupboard a dream. We're in the middle of a move so it's chaos at every turn LOL.

Helen said...

Hi Jodie

I am new to the SCQuilters web ring and I am doing the rounds to introduce myself. Well done on the big clean up. It looks fantastic. I've just done my son's (age 16) room with him today. 3 supermarket bags of clothes to the op shop.

joyce said...

Nothing like a good cleaning to get the creativity going once the job is done. Your house looks so organized. Well done.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

You have been busy Jodie. I didn't notice before that you were a SCQer. Do you enjoy it?