Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Even more great mail!

I have had a great run this month with mail for me at the post box rather than too many bills or business mail. Some more business cheques would always be handy!

I'm not really one for stitcheries - just yet. I think it is something I need to get into as they are nice and portable when ferrying kids around. Anyway I discovered Leanne Beasley through a lot of blogs out there and she also scrapbooks which caught my attention. I like all her journals and her quilts are simple, but effective.

We do a lot of driving, or road trips as Leanne calls them with DH and his race cars. Also DH's family all live away from us so the whole "Romancing the Road Trip" idea appealed to me. Must admit in the book Leanne's destinations are far more exotic than some of ours! Lol.

A new sewing machine is on the cards again for me, so I am closer to that dream than I have been for some time, and I have a backlog of people I would like to make quilts for, so there may be a few different colour schemes in the future of "PS, don't forget the chocolate"! I can always dream!

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Chookyblue said...

wow how exciting and a great place to start a stitchery would be the one I sent you.......only need to know how to do backstitch.....then you could advance into Leanne's is if you need more help........

Leigh said...

What a lovely book.