Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Posh Camping

Don't let the title fool you!
It is the first week of the school holidays and we spent the weekend camping with a few other families. We called it posh camping because we stayed in these cabins with bunk beds, but man the bunks were uncomfortable! We we would have been better off if we stayed in our tent.

We weren't that far out of town so we ladies went to a local herb farm and then stopped at a tea house. I didn't have a tea or a coffee, but I couldn't resist a photo of this cheeky magpie helping himself to some leftover devonshire tea. He actually has cream all over his beak.

We had an open fire and the kids toasted marshmallows, first time I have had then when they weren't charcoal.

My poor old faithful hiking boots bit the dust during the walk home from the nursery. The sole came completely off. Russ had some fragile tape in the back of his truck. Kinda summed the whole thing up really.

I took lots of photos but they have the other kids in them aside from my own so think it best not to post them here.



Chookyblue said...

well I can't see the pics but I have never ben campiong anywhere near a tea house and herb garden........usually miles form anywhere........

Chookyblue said...

I can see them now

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Love the fragile tape Jodie - very apt. I love camping but don't go anymore. We used to go a lot as kids, and there are som pretty scary memories from those trips! I was discussing it recently with my sister, we are thinking of getting some camping gear between us so we can go.