Saturday, November 03, 2007

"J" & "A"

Playing catch up this week. Firstly LAST weeks Scatterdays was the letter J

Restaurant - Jimbo's fish and chips. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was a restaurant, but you get grilled fish takeaway and as far as I am concerned it is not too bad!

Pointy things - Jodie's Pointer finger!!! I was at a loss on this one so when all else fails use your name as a fall back! Was actually DH's idea, I couldn't come up with anything.

Sport - Jogging. Tried to photograph DD1 jogging and it was just a blur. These are my joggers and I have jogged in them. Mostly walk these days though!

So onto this week - The letter A

Round(ish) things - Apple

Vegetables - Asparagus

Something you like the smell of - Aromatherapy Oils

Next week the letter "O", breakfast, shiny and little things!



Christina said...

Well done Jodie I was going to photograph the apples in the supermarket but chickened out


Chookyblue said...

the new header looks great.........just ready for summer and the new blog name goes well......I am anjoying the scatterdays......

Anonymous said...

I love the fish and chips at Jimbo's. :)

Di said...

Great minds (and there are a few of them this week!) think alike - "snap" on the asparagus!

Dy said...

How handy that you are J for Jodie with a nice pointy finger! :-)

I'm with you on the aromatherapy oils, I use pure essential oils (actually, is that the same as aromatherapy oils?) around the house and in my hand cream - am passionately in love with Rosemary essential oil at the moment.

Michelle Watters said...

Congratulations - good catch up round. Love all your choices. And I hope something helpful comes up when we get to my letter M.

Liz Needle said...

Apples and asparagus are winning hands down this week. Love the aromatherapy oils, though.

Pennie & David said...

Jodie's Pointy finger!! What a Hoot! Well done on the Aromatherapy Oils... that looks like a serious collection!