Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Gifts

Tonight I have finished the last of my homemade (or handmade if you prefer) Christmas Gifts. This journal is for an internet friend who has booked a trip to Paris for her 60th birthday in February 2008. She chose the 'name' for the trip.
It is a journal for her to use as a travel diary, or just to record her thoughts throughout the trip. I hope she likes it. Her favourite colours are blue and yellow.
Next is a scrapbooked frame for MIL with photos of DH, DD1 and DD2 taken on Fathers' Day this year. I know she will like this one! I have also included an envelope full of photos of the girls major events this year!! (Finally one I remembered to photograph). I have left the packaging around the edges as this one needs to be posted and I want as much padding as I can get!
I will do some baking for gifts just before Christmas but for now, I am done!

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