Friday, December 21, 2007


This weeks Scatterdays is brought to you by the letter "S".

Our categories are - medical, beverages and Christmas. (Easy this week!)

Medical - Surgical tape and Surgical Dressing
Beverage - Scotch
Christmas - that jolly man in red - Santa!!!!

To my fellow scatterdaisies I wish you a very Merry Christmas!


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Kate said...

I got the liquor thing too, just didn't think of scotch. Snap on the Santa! :)

Christina said...

Wow Jodie glad to see you here too where is everybody this morning. Love you choices

Lindi said...

Snap on the scotch. I like your Santa.

Michelle Watters said...

Is that one of those 8 foot high blow up santas? I love him - I have one too! Good to see you have some scotch on hand LOL

Liz Needle said...

A very cute Santa. Does he light up?

Pennie & David said...

Good to have you back! we missed you.

Lindsay said...

What a cute Santa! Merry Christmas!