Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I returned yesterday from 3 night and 4 days in Townsville, Far North Queensland. My Aunt and Uncle live there and their granddaughter organised a joint 60th birthday party. My Uncle's birthday was back in November and my Aunt's is at the end of this month. Originally it was to be a surprise party but you know how these secrets get out!

I am sharing with you a photo of their cake, isn't it beautiful? To pretty to eat!

I scrapbooked them a frame and took heaps of photos at the party so I will send them copies and they can decide what they use in the frame. Of course I didn't take any photos of the frame though! Silly me.

I travelled with my nan and my mum and was so glad to have had the opportunity to go (thanks to my nan for that). There is no place like home, and it was my first trip away from my daughters and I found that hard!

I have LOTS of photos to bore you with over coming posts, but will spread them out a bit over the week.

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