Monday, January 28, 2008

Back to School Time.......

It is back to school time here.
The summer holidays are drawing to a close.
DD1 is going into Grade 2 this year and she starts on Wednesday.
Yesterday I covered ALL her books.
I so DO NOT like contact!
We went for a Barbie theme this year (her choice), but ran out so there is a bit of My Little Pony in the mix too.
At least it is all done for another year!

DD2 has an exciting year ahead of you. She is starting pre-prep at a new centre tomorrow.
No uniform and no books, but we did get some new clothes.
She has a Tshirt from the centre in green, and we have a new pink hat and pink and orange shoes to wear with her pink and green shorts!
Funny thing is, she is normally my purple girl!
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Chookyblue said...

omg that is a big job and I love the new cloths for miss purple