Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

I am only a few days late. We took off between Christmas and New Year and spent a few days up at my SIL's cottage. We did the same thing last year. This year the weather was (and still is) dreadful so no photos.
I was very spoilt for Christmas this year and I got a new camera from DH. I am having to arm wrestle him for it at the moment, but this morning he has gone in to do some work and I am home alone, supposedly cleaning......

For those of you in the west or southern parts of Oz sweltering in the 40+ degree heat, look away now. Following are some shots from my cool and wet world.



Chookyblue said...

although I well and truely got my share of rain a couple of weeks ago we could have a shower now.........nice pics and good to see you finally got the

Russ said...

Hey Jo keep up the practice with the new EOS 400D.
We'll have some new lenses soon & maybe a new flash.

Great pics, just wait until we get some sunlight....LOL