Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mt Tamborine, Botanical Gardens and More

Well our camping trip that delayed Scatterdays never happened. The weather here lately has just been too bad to attempt any time in the great outdoors. It wasn't a problem here or where we had planned to camp, but the roads in between have gone under in all the rain we have had.

Plan B. The girls had a serious case of cabin fever, so we drove up Mt Tamborine and found ourselves at the Botanical Gardens. We took our camping lunch with us - Chicken Kebabs, Salad and wraps, as well as the little gas burner and fry pan, and we had a great time.

The rain had done wonders for the gardens, the flowers were in bloom, the grass green and the little creeks flowing well.

After our lunch, we drove on and Russ and the girls had an ice cream where I got the water fall shots.


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Martin Haworth said...

Mt. Tamborine skywalk is a botanical garden in itself. The lovely scenery can be enjoyed and so many species of plants can be seen.