Sunday, January 27, 2008


Only a day late this week, I am improving!
This week's Scatterdays is brought to you by the letter N. Categories are Orange, South American and Things that are good for you, that you don't like.
For Orange I have my two NEW orange T shirts, Suzanne Grey has a sale on!
For South American I have Brazil NUTS. I stole the photos from the net, from (I am assuming the Brazil nuts are from South America!)
Lastly, for something that is good for you, but you don't like I have NUROFEN. (thanks to my friend Chooky for the photo!) I chose it because kids medicine's tend to be sweet to entice the child to drink it, and DD2 doesn't like sweet things so she DOES NOT LIKE to take it.
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Michelle Watters said...

So clever. Why are all the people who are not me so clever! Well done to you.