Saturday, April 19, 2008

Holiday Pics Part 1, in the Country

We left home on Monday morning and we drove through to Narrabri. We stayed with the girls "Fairy Godmother" on Monday and Tuesday night. I took NO photos in Narrabri! For someone who never leaves the house with out a camera (always have a little point and shoot in my bag) that is unheard of. Perhaps I was tired from the 7.5 hour drive!

We then moved on and spent Wednesday and Thursday night with Donna on the farm. I have a lot of photos similar to Chookyblue's so I thought I had better post some different ones. These ones sum it up well for me, the big sky, the country gate.

Tomorrow, the shearing shed..........


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Chookyblue...... said...

love your pics........and was wonderful to have you come and stay.....hope we can do it again but a little longer

Herzblatt said...

Your pictures are marvellous!! I have got a friend from Toowoomba.He is a teacher for German.I love Australia very much. Four years ago he came to visit me and my family in Germany .
I am happy to find you and I will visit you on your blog regularly from now on.
Best wishes