Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sleep Over Post One

The photo above shows my over optimist plans for DragonFly-Craft's Sleep Over tonight. Front left is one little bag I have already cut out and front right is the fabrics chosen for another. I need these two bags finished this weekend. The almost finished bag back right has been in this almost finished state for some time but keeps getting bumped as other deadlines loom. Back left are two almost finished cushion covers for a friend of mine. Again they keep getting moved down the list for other projects.
But before I get started we need to eat dinner and then the girls need to go to bed. In the mean time I will sip on this!!!

DH cooked a BBQ tonight, yum. The weather here is perfect at the moment so he was outside BBQ-ing.

Will be back later with some progress (I hope!)

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Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Happy Blogging Sleepover to you Jodie, your projects look great all lined up there. Can't wait to see what you finish.

quiltygal said...

Hi Jodie my you are all organised I am eating my crisps at the moment!!but I have done some sewing

Quirky said...

*grinz* It all looks good! I think I've spent as much time looking @ blogs as sewing during the sleepover...and loving every minute of it!