Friday, September 19, 2008


Tried out a new recipe yesterday with huge success. Vegemite scrolls. Found it on the vegemite website under breakfasts. Now please don't call me un-Australian but I don't eat vegemite - anymore. Remember having cheese and vegemite sandwiches for lunch as a kid. Vividly remember my Dad being most put out one day when at work he had cheese and vegemite sandwiches for lunch and was certain my mum had given him my lunch by mistake! So this is what everyone had for lunch today (except me). DH even taste tested them after dinner last night and gave me the thumbs up. Rather than bready, they are like a scone dough.

So not wanting to miss out I made some more today - spread with pesto, olives, semi sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and then sprinkled with pine nuts. Yummmmmmm!

School broke up today for two weeks holidays! So looking forward to not rushing in the morning! We are going to road test some more scrolls too... maybe ham and cheese? Feta, pumpkin and spinach? Also think if I add a little sugar to the dough and spread some jam and berries we might get some sweet scrolls. Oh, the options are endless!

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Leanne said...

They sound very yummy....I still love vegemite on fresh crusty bread.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

WHAT! You don't eat vegemite. I don't believe it....LOL!
They look yummy and glad you made something for yourself. I'm envious that you are on holidays now..... Can't wait for ours.