Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cleared Funds!!!

My two favourite words!!!! Cleared funds in our bank account so today I have done some lay-bying for DD1's birthday next week and even a little start on the Christmas Shopping.

Tomorrow I hit the post office. If you are expecting a little gifty from me then tomorrow it starts its journey, along with a little something for someone special who is not expecting it!! I love secrets (as long as I am the one in the know!!) :)

Thanks for your patience, or if you haven't been patient, thanks for not laying the guilt trip on me. DH is self employed and this year has been tough.

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Anonymous said...

Always a nice feeling isn't it. I made a layby the other day too but my kids have to try their clothes on so not many surprises this year I don't think?

trashalou said...

Oh I miss layby!

I am blog-hopping my way through Chookyblue's SSCS list to see who else is playing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! One came to me me me.
Thank you so much Jodie, it's just beautiful and I've now added a post on my blog showing it.
Thanks again. xx