Saturday, April 04, 2009

some thoughts on home made

DD2 went to a birthday party this morning. Twins - a boy and a girl. I made a "Nemo" pencil roll for the girl and a "Mr Incredible" one for the boy.

This morning I was at the shops when they opened to buy some colouring pencils and colouring in books - Fairies for her and Ben 10 for him. Made me think that perhaps Nemo and Mr Incredible are "so yesterday". I hope not. But I think it will make me use the fabric I buy and not hold on to it waiting for that special sometime.

Anyway...... I left these until last night to make, and late last night at that. So it got me thinking about home made gifts and is it worth the effort. Right now I am making gifts because I have the fabric here and it means I am not spending a lot of money. Everyone you talk to says how tight things are at the moment. So economy affects my choice.

In the past I only gave home made gifts to people I knew would appreciate the time and effort that had gone into what I made. Those who would see the value in it.

During my many sewing breaks last night, I had an email conversation with a friend of mine. Her daughter was the recipient of the first pencil roll I made. When I told her what I was doing she came back with ....

"You are so clever to make those pencil rolls. XXX uses hers so much and takes it practically everywhere we go."

Made my night I can tell you!

Then this morning when I got up after way too little sleep, DD2 quietly asked if "they" were ready. The way her face lit up when I showed her made it worthwhile for me. Who cares what the recipients think!!

Thoughts, anyone?

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Sweet P said...

I've been rolling this question around in my head since Christmas. I love to make things for people. However, not everyone in my family gets excited or appreciates hand made items. That's why I love swaps. You know the person receiving the gift will love it.

I have found that young children love gifts no matter what they are. I made my nieces and nephews gift bags from FQs 2 years ago. One nephew still uses his and insists on using it all the time.

With all the "junk" available in stores today, I have no problem using what I have on hand, or purchasing a small amount of notions, to make a gift.

Joyce said...

I love home made but I know people whose attitude is "It's ONLY home made." I had a relative like that until I made her the most beautiful quilt you've ever seen (well,maybe not the most beautiful but it was very, very nice and she got to pick the colors). She sings a different tune now. I generally only give hand made to those who appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodie, I think adults would possible appreciate the time and effort more then the kids so you have to keep them practical for the kids to appreciate them too, which you have.
I think we do what we have to with presents. My daughter is always wanting me to make things for her friends. (can't be done with my schedule)
They look great and I know what you mean about the fabric. That's always hard with kids.

Leanne said...

I often think that...... is handmade really appreciated. The time, thought and process that goes into making it then I take a walk around the shops and see the junk you can pay good money for and pat myself on the back.

Kylie said...

I often think this as well. But it is the enjoyment that I recieve from making something that makes me keep doing it. Family members are getting used to handmade goodies - MIL has taken a while to come around - but has actually requested a handmade something for her birthday - so there is an up.

I am with you on the fabric stash though - I am in the process of wanting to destash and use what I have and no more buying it cause it is on special type buys!