Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yep! Some More!!





That's right, more pencil rolls. DD2 was invited to another party. Twins AGAIN! But get this....

The party was to be held at a local park, on the same day the local council had a day on. The idea, the council stuff was an added attraction.

So DH kindly took both girls, DD2 to her party, while he and DD1 could wander around the exhibition.

EXCEPT.... no one was there for the party! Now to be fair, the weather was iffy. BUT the Mum who had organised it didn't make contact. DH rang her from the park - her mobile was turned off. They walked around for two hours, by which time he had had enough. Poor DD2 was in tears.

Finally today at a Kindy function came face to face with the mum. She had this story for me about how they were there early on, how she made contact with others and how she didn't know how to contact me. Now firstly I rang her mobile to RSVP the party, so she could have found my number, but secondly and more importantly, WHY WAS HER PHONE TURNED OFF?

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but this one has really irked me.

Ok, Ok, rant over...... as you should always look for the good side in any situation - I am now two pencil rolls ahead in my quota for the school/parish fete craft stall!

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Catherine said...

Love the pencil rolls.... they are so fun to make! Hope your little girl is happy again and you are feeling a bit less peeved! Blogs are great for venting arent they!!

Anonymous said...

How frustrating, disheartening.
Poor DD2 that didn't get to go but I'm glad you didn't give the presents. Good on you.
Save them for someone else.
Remember it's not ranting, it's VENTING. Venting is Good.....

Leanne said...

It's OK to upset the big people but not the little ones hope DD2 is feeling better about missing a party. Each time I see your pencil rolls I think I must make one for my knitting needles. However they are still all jumbled up in a shoe box.

Shellie said...

Your poor little girl. It's no fun getting all excited for a party then finding out there isn't one. I'd rant if I were you too.

Love the pencil rolls though. I'll have to try those someday.