Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Freak weather over two states here in Oz today. It is dry as, after months of no rain and today we have powerful winds whipping up all the dust.
And just to prove these aren't really bad sepia photos, here is the flag on our neighbours jetty.
We are holed up inside, with the house all shut up and the air on. There is an eerie yellow glow outside.

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Narelle said...

Dear Jodie, The dust must be terrible hope that it blows over soon. Then the clean up will start i hate the dust. Now that it is getting so dry up here when we muster the dust coming from the cattle yards goes right through the house. We try to water the yards with sprinklers before the cattle get there to reduce it. Thinking of you all down there.

Anita said...

Just terrible isn't it Jodie! We have had it here but I think it might be clearing a bit now. Dreading the mess when I get home from work!!

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Leanne said...

Saw lots about it on the news. We are just the opposite down here. We have had so much rain as I type it is hailing.I have the fire on burning.