Wednesday, November 25, 2009

friend to friend thanks so much

Unfortunately it takes a crisis to find out who your friends are. I now know I am blessed to have 3 of the best friends anyone could wish for. They blew me away with their generosity and love and concern during recent times. They filled my freezer with home cooked meals, they took the girls after school, and they constantly kept in touch so I knew I had support.

Well the four of us getting together is hard to arrange, but today we are having a 'scrappy lunch'. Over the course of lunch there will be about half an hour when we all should be together at the one place at the same time.

As this was a last minute plan I quickly stamped these thankyou candles. It is the first time I have seen them when it wasn't to collect a child or return a dish.

Some vanilla scented goodness will never make up for what they did for me, but it is a start to show them how much I appreciate it.

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