Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Orange Cake

This is Mr P's favourite cake. I made them into cupcakes recently and decided to do the same again today. The recipe is based on the clementine cake by Nigella Lawson in How to Eat, but obviously I use oranges. It is simple to make, but time consuming. Normally I would start the night before. Let's begin....

Simmer two oranges for several hours, ensure you don't boil the pan dry. If starting this the night before, I turn the pan off after several hours and continue again the next day.

once the oranges have cooled, or not in this case, chop them coarsely, skin and all and

blend or process to a pulp.

Add orange pulp to 6 eggs,

250g of almond meal,

225g of sugar,

and a heaped teaspoon full of baking powder

mix well.

Fill a muffin pan with the batter,

and bake in a 190C degrees oven.

The little ones took about 20mins,

and the larger ones just over 25 mins.

Now being the kind and caring wife and mother that I am, I thought it best to test one.

Just a little one.

It was delicious. mmmmmmmmm



Julie said...

Wow, these look fantastic! I have never heard of making them this way. Fascinating.

Leanne said...

I'm sure you were only thinking of Mr Paradise's waist line when you ate that cake LOL. You are a brave women I could NEVER show the inside of my oven to the WWW.