Wednesday, December 09, 2009

8 & 9

It is hot, hot, hot here and humid.
Going to be a long hot summer, the forecasters tell us.

So the last two days we have gone to the beach.
Gone with different groups of friends but went to the same place both days.

So I have two days worth of photos of my girls swimming with their friends.
Nothing I want to post of the blog.

So instead, here are some close ups of my mum's table decoration. Think they would make some nice Christmas Cards. What do you think?

And just to prove that we were by the sea side, here are some pesky seagulls!

Hope your December is going well.

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Narelle said...

Hi Jodie, Yes those photo's would make lovely Christmas cards. Glad to see that you and the girls can go to the beach and cool down. Very hot up this way and the clouds are not building into anything promising. Well it will rain and cool things off one day.