Wednesday, December 02, 2009

December 2nd

This morning for about an hour and a half it was ALL ABOUT ME, ME, ME!!!! I had a pedicure and I now have red toenails for Christmas. After trying to take a good photo of them I have discovered that I have dang ugly feet, so I have posted the photo last and you can chose not to scroll down too far. Consider yourselves warned!

So the first picture for today is of Santa Treats to go in DD2's Christmas Cards. Tomorrow is her last day ever of kindy, next year it is big school, look out here she comes!

Here she is writing out her cards for the Santa choccies to go it..... (yes we need to work on the pencil grip these holidays)

and here is some of the stash that DD1 got in her Class envelope.

and for those of you who are game, here are the red toenails......

Another pleasant surprise was catching up with a family from school that moved o/s 18months ago. They are in the country for a holiday and we are going to see them again next week.

Hope you had a good December 2.

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Leanne said...

Doing catch up here. Believe me your feet are fine I would have to photoshop mine LOL.