Thursday, March 04, 2010

so how is the knitting going?

Do you remember back in December I wanted to learn to knit? Well a little progress has been made, but not many photos have been taken.

I found this cotton at my local op shop for 50c and have knitted it up in plain stitch. I like plain. I can do plain. Plain is my friend.

With this cream that mum started me on originally, I have undone it so many times. I tried the design like Inga and I kept getting out of whack and although pretty (I thought) it definately wasn't looking like it should. In the end I tried to stick with what I think is called Stocking Stitch, a row of plain and a row of purl? But then again, I kept forgetting what I was up too, and would have two rows the same and anyway you get the picture.

Then I decided to try circular needles and as you can see what I bought was too small, and it is just to fiddley for me to be bothered.

So then Inga started working on a crochet ripple, that she found on Lucy's sight. WOW, Lucy is amazing, I love her colours and her tutorials are so easy for a beginner. So mum lent me a crocher hook and the mint and I gave it a whirl. Kinda got it.

So then I found myself at Spotlight and the red was $1 each, and the green $2.99 so I splurged and decided I was ready for a larger ripple and I would make a cushion. I think you can see, that I wasn't ready and I will be undoing that and starting again.

But in the mean time I was at my local op shop again, and the two varigated balls below were only 50c each. NO IDEA what I will do with them but at that price.........

During the same trip, the two balls below where also only 50c each, and with Lucy's tutorial, I am pleased to finally have sometihng to show. This one is now larger and I am ready to start on the back.



Narelle said...

Dear Jodie, Well i think that you are doing a great job and the main thing is that you have not given up. I just love the red and varigated round that you are doing is it a cushion it looks just great. I will have to get myself into gear and send you a photo of what i knitted at christmas like i promised you. Keep kniting/crocheting.
Big Hugs

Leanne said...

Well done you. I can knit but struggle with crochet. I have just looked at Lucy's crocheted bag and perhaps I could give it a go. What is another project on the go. LOL.

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