Friday, August 13, 2010

latest find

I have to admit that I enjoy a bit of op shopping as I call it, or thrifting. with my recent interest in crocheting and appreciation for the work that goes into it, I couldn't walk past this BIG blanket. It was in the "animal blankets all $4" bin! I asked the guy working there, is it REALLY $4! he said yes, it has a stain on it. We only sell them as animal blankets if they are stained.

just to show the size of this thing I layed it out on our queen sized bed.

see how it skims the floor on this side,

well over on the other side it is hanging on the floor!

there is a little damage - the centre of this square is starting to unravel so I will mend it before I wash it.

see you have to look close.......

once I have mended this, I will look hard for the stain and be sure to get it out in the wash! When I got to the register the woman serving said "some one's doggy will be warm tonight!" I just smiled because our spoilt dog sleeps inside this time of year, on a floor cushion beside my side of the bed.

This blanket is destined for the car, to be well used on cold drives and picnics. To whom ever worked on it and made such a large blanket, Thank you! We will give it plenty of use and care.



Inga Helene said...

What a great find! And only four dollars? That's unbelievable bearing in mind all the work that lies behind.

Have a nice weekend :o)

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is AMAZING. I feel sad though that someone has discarded it. After all the work that has gone into it. Lucky someone like you who appreciates the work that has gone into it now has it to love and cherish...

Leanne said...

It is so nice to think such a wonderful blanket will be loved and used again.