Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mountain Grannys

Today I found myself with almost two hours to my self, alone in the car. No I hadn't broken down.

Fortunately I was well prepared.

I had printed out Lucy's instructions for "Summer Garden Granny Squares", so with that and my basket of yarn I was ready.

I make no secret of the fact I work slow, so having the opportunity to sit uninterrupted (except for one mobile phone call - incoming) I think I got a handle on it.

To quote Lucy, Ta-Dah!

I am so pleased.

I think I like the dark green centre and white outer the best. I am going to make enough for a cushion but if yarn stock allows I will also make a cushion out of the other colour way :)

What truly amazes me is they are the same size! I haven't mastered the centre 'bobble stitch" but I can only get better.

So why was I alone in the car? Mr P had a job in the hinterland and he invited me to tag along. I think it all took a little longer than he expected, but all things considered, I didn't mind.

The scenery was gorgeous! This is one outlook. From the other side you look over the coast and the ocean. Unfortunately AFTER we drove past the lookout on that side, I realised I should have got him to stop so I could take a pic! The view above, is taken from the car park of the General Store below.

Love this sign that was just near the white car in the above photo Sure hope that white car belongs to Dena!

(Parking for Dena's General Store only! Disobedient vehicles will be mulched and returned to the earth)

We had our lunch here at the General Store, and how perfect! Those are crocheted blankets on the verandah. Inside there were scarves and beanies!

Speaking of scarves (!), Mr P's is done.

Unfortunately so are Parramatta for the season, he tells me.

Just some ends to be woven in. We are away this weekend, where potentially he may actually have the opportunity to wear it, so I will get onto it.


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Leanne said...

Well done you. What a perfect place to sit and concentrate on your granny squares. I do love that sign.