Friday, October 29, 2010

friday afternoon CREATE

this week we made paper chains. for ease, and lack of fighting (yes they fight) I pre-prepared the paper strips. quite therapeutic with a paper trimmer actually.

we have oodles and oodles of christmas paper, and have done for many years. we 'came into' it several years ago and it shows no sign of running out. so I used some again today.

I picked up these little staplers during the week. are they cute or are they CUTE!!! honestly!

see, look this side.....

and again......

so after some simple instructions they set to work.

in perfect harmony.

then in the end, we joined it all together for a group shot, showing how l o n g our paper chain was. but tess the wonderdog though we were out there to play ball with her, so the photoshoot kinda aborted.

so here it is all in the box again, until December 1st when we put up our Christmas tree!



Narelle said...

Ohhh Girls you have done a wonderful job on that chains don't they look lovely. I just love your little staplers. Can not wait to see your paper chain hanging up.

Leanne said...

I am impressed with that organisation. I love the purple staplers photo shot. I'm sure those angels don't fight LOL.

Karen Barnes said...

Well done Jodie & the staplers match your box :)