Saturday, October 09, 2010

friday afterschool crafting

quite some time ago I purchased a pack of pom pom looms from Spotlight. they were really cheap and I thought one day they might be fun.
fast forward to the day miss paradise asked for the third time in recent years can she attend the after school art classes held on Friday afternoon. for the third time we said no. we think they are too expensive, we think she already has enough extra curricular activities - none of which she wanted to give up.
so I had the grand idea to run my own after school CRAFT (not art) classes.
I drew up a sign and posted it on the the bathroom door, anyone interested should be at the dining room table at 3.20pm!
now my grand plan involved commencing with a nature walk to collect treasured items to be used in future projects as well us some sticks/twigs/branches to make some pussy willow. we have a bag of baby pom poms here and mr paradise bought me a new hot glue gun.

we have had rain for weeks here, and yesterday afternoon was no different. in fact just to spite me (I think) the rain was even heavier at 3.20pm, so with some quick thinking I changed the plan to pom poms with a view to a pom pom tree in the future.

my craft class attendees were non the wiser and very happy with the plan. we pulled out the yarn, cracked open the looms and set to work. I have only ever made pom poms with two cardboard 'donuts' and found myself challenged by the looms. in fact I wasted 3 pom poms worth of yarn before I gave up and sort assistance from the world wide web.

thank God for youtube is all I can say! or at least thank God for Jenny from Craft test dummies! Lol. so after a bit of DUH!!! we got to work. the girls still don't know the grand plan for these, they have to wait for finer weather, but all in all our first friday was a lot of fun!

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Leanne said...

Well done you it sounds like a great plan. I hear you have been having lots of rain. The pom poms look great are they easier than cardboard ones? That is after your quick tute on Utube.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Great idea. Totally agree it's no use paying for classes you can do at home.