Thursday, December 30, 2010

friday afternoon CREATE

I haven't posted and Friday arvo sessions lately. This is one from quite a few Fridays ago, but as you read on you will understand why I had to hold this one over.

Not only did the chookster organise the SSCS swap for millions around the world, she also organised a kids ornament swap for some blogger offspring. These kids have there own blog to share what they are working on but it is not publicly available.

My 2 girls swapped with Bec's two girls. Suited us both as they are well matched age wise and we saved on postage!

First up is what Jessie Girl sent to my Miss Paradise.....

and here is what Little Miss Busy made for our Lil Sis.

Lil Sis is modelling our ornaments. First up is what she made for Little Miss Busy - a Santa hat and a handbag filled with candy canes. I sewed the pom pom on for her and the handle on the bag. She did the rest. This is her first sewing project and she really impressed me with her ideas and execution.

here is the Christmas Tree Miss Paradise made for Jessie Girl. I sewed the seam along the bottom, only because she hadn't cut out her front and back evenly and it was quite tricky to keep them together.

and here is a little wreath I crocheted for Bec. I have found I like crafting with the girls but I can't work on the same project as they are. So I did a bit of hookey at the other end of the table.

Here are Lil Sis's little stitches.

she really got into it.

and some cutting action from Miss Paradise.

Oh, and on the day we were crafting these - it was raining! Just for a change! Lol


PS as I type this, IT IS NOT RAINING!


Inga Helene said...

Wow! Great effort from the little ones. I was about the same age when I started crafting, and seeing my mother and grandmothers knitting or crocheting was very motivating.

How nice for the girls to have this to look forward to every Friday!

Happy New Year ot you all :o)

Leanne said...

Happy New Year Jodie. Great Friday fun there. The girls ornaments are fantastic it must be very rewarding to see there skills improve.

Chookyblue...... said...

the girls did so is nice to be able to share the skills we have with them.........