Thursday, August 11, 2011

we've lost a lens cap

how's that for a title? 'we' have misplaced a lens cap though. I blame mr p, it wasn't on the lens when he gave the camera back to me. he says it wasn't on the lens when I gave him the camera. he said.......she said..........

enough about that. I am not known for my green thumb, ahem, but not long ago I happened upon an old packet of seeds that had come in a magazine, that were well past their use by date. so I threw them in a pot and put it underneath the temporary clothes line I use in the winter. the theory being, when I see them I will water it. well it has worked. they are thriving......

buoyed by this success, I purchased some seedlings - basil and italian parsley in fact -

again, success!

so I moved on to cherry tomatoes last weekend. it is still early days, but that is only going at about 75%

see the little guy on the right? he is from the same punnet, he is in the same pot, and he is getting the same amount of water. so what am I doing wrong?

thanks for your help!



Leanne said...

My friend who lives near you is the queen of the tomato I can see lots of pasta sauce.

Anonymous said...

Hope you end up growing a new lens cover amongst those lovely veges :)

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Haha! I lose my lens cap often too! Your plants look wonderful...especially the basil! Angie xo

Jellywares said...

Great job on the veggies!!!

I've had the same thing happen to me before when planting out seedlings.
Did you add any fertilizer to your potting mix or was there fertilizer added at manufacturing? Sometimes the fertilizer can be a little strong on the roots of new seedlings and burn them - mine sometimes come back if it's not too potent so fingers crossed your little sick one will too.

Jodie :)