Sunday, February 12, 2012

crochet is not a summer sport!

well not in my hot humid corner of the world!
still loving working on this wool eater project. Still not caught up - I am at 12.5 rows and it is approximately 60cm square, should be on 16 rows, with another 3 complete this Wednesday the 15th. Do I sound worried? Nup, I'm not.

Miss Paradise is still lovin' the colours - I am not totally sold on the 'butter', I expected it to blend in a bit more and be less dominate than it is.

We are already planning the accessories I will make to match.....Cushions, bunting, pen holders (crochet covered tins a la lucy) ..... we have already agreed this is her year, and Lil Sis will have next year. But I will start with the small stuff in the summer, and leave the blanket for the cooler months :)

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Leanne said...

It is growing. It's a bit like hand quilting in the summer.