Thursday, November 22, 2012

the setting sun

I have a new lens......

well to be truthful I have had it since May!

It is extremely heavy.  Mr P bought it for me for our anniversary and honestly I thought it must be good for snapping motor sport and that is why he bought it for me... 
(I know, I'm not very nice).  

But then over the weekend, during all the storm activity I remembered the new lens.... (it doesn't fit in my camera bag with my other gear).

It has been a  long time since I have been into taking photos, but now, re-interest is stirring!
Lots of clouds in our area but no more storm activity since last weekend.  Bring it on I say, I want to take pics!



Inga Helene said...

What kind of lens is it?

Lovely sunset! Up here the sun soon sets and doesn't rise until late January. I dread this time of the year, but you just have to focus on positive things :-)

Leanne said...

A new lens woo hoo lots of play coming up. Love you sinking sun.