Saturday, December 01, 2012


8 o'clock

December Photo a Day with FatMumSlim

Well, not sure how long I will last, I am notoriously bad with keeping up with things, but here we are on the 1st of December and day one of a photo a day.

I am also signed up for Journal Your Christmas, for the first time ever for me with Shimelle.  Not sure how that will go either, think the time difference will be a factor.  I don't like to put photos of my girls here, so the photos here will be edited, but we are getting in the Christmas spirit!  (Ironically this photo is straight off the camera, no editing!)

So hot here!  We got new Christmas lights today from Bunnings, and we put the tree up! Kicking back now in air conditioned comfort with Mr P cooking a BBQ.

Tomorrow's prompt is Peace - let's hope I find some!

Jodie xx

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Anonymous said...

Let the Christmas Season Begin and lights and BBQ seem like a good start