Friday, February 01, 2013

this was soooooo good!

Key Lime Pie.....

I used this recipe, BUT, I used a packet of gingernut biscuits in the base.  I don't have a food processor, I just bashed them with a mortar, or is it the pestle?  Mine was rather, now what is the word they use these days, RUSTIC!

I used low fat condensed milk (I just had it in the pantry, and why we even had a tin of condensed milk, or low fat at that is beyond me).

I used lime in a bottle (gasp) and therefore no zest.

I used WAY MORE lime that the recipe, because I am not so into sweet, but very into tart.

I took this to a girlfriend's for lunch and it was a huge hit.  (Very rich though).  Miss Paradise had two pieces.  Lil sis was the only one that thought it "too limey"- not too limey to eat every last morsel on her plate though.  

In fact we enjoyed it so much, the above pic was an afterthought (and a bad shot taken with my phone).  Half had already been eaten!

Jodie x


Chookyblue...... said...

how cruel posting that at this hour.........I haven't eaten tea yet..........but I sure wished I had a piece of this to have for dessert........

Inga Helene Juul said...

Yummy! Wish I could taste it together with you :-)

Leanne said...

It looks soooooo yummy.