Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Life on the Lake

I have posted before that we live on a man made lake - Paradise Lake (hence the name of my blog!). The weather here normally, is beautiful one day and perfect the next (to quote an advertising campaigne from the past). These past few days it has been awful. Gale force winds and torrential rain. We need the rain here in the south east so I am NOT complaining about that, but this sort of weather makes MY lake less than picturesque!

Here are some photos of what it is usually like.......

A black Swan


a Pelican.

The sunsets are beautiful as we face west, but I have no digital photos I can post. Will remember to take some soon.



Alena said...

Dear Jodie,
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. What a beautiful area you are living in! You did wonderful projects and your little girls are just adorable... and to forget - one late happy birthday to you! i see you were born 19 August - me - 19 September - lovely dates aren't they?
Have a wonderful day!

Alena said...

I wanted to say - NOT TO FORGET - of course :o)