Thursday, September 21, 2006

Preschool Fishing Excursion

Today Charlotte's preschool went on a fishing excursion to Jabaru Island. The idea was the children and their fathers' were to make a fishing pole prior to the event and if possible the fathers' were to attend the excursion. Russ and Charlotte made theirs from a branch I found in the park and he was able to take some time off work. (Mind you his mobile phone didn't give him much peace!). I took Chanel to music as is usual for Thursday mornings and then we joined them in time for lunch. It was a perfect day for the beach. They didn't catch any fish but they had a lot of fun!
Chanel was a hand full, getting caught in everyone's lines, splashing in the water and trying to help at all the wrong times, but that is what little sisters are supposed to do!!


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