Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas is coming and packages from Norway......

Well the silly season is truly upon us. I can't believe it is so long since my last post. I have been very, very busy but nothing is finished, so I will wait a little longer before showing. However, I will tell you I have quilted Russ's quilt now, and a panel my MIL gave me. Both are waiting for the binding.

We have put up our Christmas tree (three times is fact this year! Lost count how many times last year). No it is not a strange camera angle. The tree leans that much. Dear sweet Chanel cannot leave it alone and it keeps crashing down. DH has attached it to a large piece of timber under all the tinsel so it should survive the season. Guess what I will be shopping for in the after Christmas sales?

Now onto the packages from Norway. Back in September Inga Helene showed us a new project she was working on and asked what quilting design we thought she had planned. I thought she was just asking for fun, but she sent me a package for the right answer! (BTW I guessed Cutlery). She sent me some Christmas fabric, a little basket she had made and some snowflakes! I thanked Inga Helene by email at the time, but should have thanked her publicly. I am very sorry.

The second package arrived today from May Britt. We exchanged quilt pins after a post on her blog. Three pins from Norway and two Christmas patterns. I think this is a great idea and will have to come up with a wall hanging to display them on. Anyone else want to exchange pins?? My guild doesn't meet again until January so will stock up then.

I still have not changed over to Beta blogger. Seems most of the Blogs I read have. Should I just take the plunge? What happens if I don't?



Anonymous said...

Hi Jodie, you have had some lovely parcels from Europe. I saw the pins you sent May Britt on her site. As for switching to Beta, I think that Blogger is not going to do anything to non beta blogs, so if there are problems they are not going to fix them. You might have to take the plunge. It is no worse than the version you have now (that's a negative statement isn't it?). Love your wonky tree.

tami said...

I would love to exchange pins. Want a pin from Maine?