Monday, January 08, 2007


We took the girls and Tess the wonderdog on their first camping trip last week. We went to Flannagan's Reserve out west from here. We went there 'cause dogs are allowed if you keep them on a leash.

It was a full moon while we were out there and the silly birds got confused and were noisy throughout the night thinking the sun had risen when it fact it was the moon! We slept through their noise the second night.

We set up our site looking out towards the adjoining property. There were cows in there and kangaroos early in the morning.

The other side of the reserve was on the Logan River. We kept away from there just to be safer with the girls. It was very pretty though.
Chanel fought having an afternoon sleep and literally nose-dived into her bunk!

The down side when we got home was that our Tess had picked up a paralysis tick. We rushed her to the vet late yesterday and she is in Doggy hospital now. Hopefully she will be home tomorrow.


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