Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Our Tess is Home

Tess didn't get home last night, the vet kept her again to be sure, but we were able to pick her up at lunch time today.

She is far from well. Still sluggish on her back legs, I had to help her into the car and then when she went outside to inspect her turf she tried to break into a run and couldn't.

Rob the vet said he was very worried about her Sunday night, he stayed with her for a long while and then went back in later to check on her.

We are to keep her quiet for a few weeks as her heart will take the longest to recover, watch her bowel movements and eating to ensure there is no paraylsis and give her soft food to eat. Have some premium mince out defrosting right now.

Her bark is still a squeak but like everything else it will improve in time.

I have asked the girls to be quiet as Tess needs her rest so they sat beside her making sure she was resting.
This is an old photo of her as a puppy with Russ's work boots, she was so cute (she is seven and a half now, still cute, just bigger!). At the moment she is lying in the entry way asleep and I can't take a photo with out disturbing her. There is current photo of her on my Mapleton post.


Sooziii said...

I am so glad your doggie is going to be OK - they are such a precious part of the family.

Laurie Ann said...

Thank goodness that Tess is back home. What a terrible thing! Poor little gal. I am sure she's so happy to be home.

Patti said...

I'm so glad she is going to be all right - how horrible for all of you, but especially for Tess! What a scary thing to have happen.


Alena said...

I am happy to hear your Tess is back home, hope she recovers quickly...