Friday, February 16, 2007


Ohhhh, how cute are they? This is my two little girls when the really were little girls! In this picture Chanel is about 4 months and Charlotte under three. I had so many copies of this photo done and still ended up without one for myself. Now we have the technology so I borrowed mum's copy and made one for me.

I sewed today, for the first time in awhile and I think the outcome is quite horrendous! Loretta's Sudoku wallhanging. I am emailing her pictures to see what she thinks and then will decide whether to continue! I still like the idea but tried to work in brights (outside my comfort zone) and I just don't like it!

Have spent tonight re-arranging the sewing/computer/guest room. Much more workable for DH and I. I have brought in a trestle table for our computers and printer, so the original desk I can now use for sewing machine and now I have a scrapbooking space. I even have leg room now!

The ironing board is now out in the entry way, which is so NOT ideal, but I am working on it!!

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Inga Helene said...

How cute your little girls were and still are. They grow fast. Or is the time flying faster every year? Now I see my former students with THEIR kids coming to me for clarinet lessons. Fun, hah?


Elaine Adair said...

Are you brave enough to post a photo of that quilt you are not liking? Maybe someone can figure a solution? or maybe we can learn from whatever is going wrong.

Lynette said...

I agree with Elaine, we might be able to help.
Those babies grow up very fast don't they.

Patti said...

Brights aren't my thing either, but I think this quilt looks just fine. Black binding will provide the finishing touch. This is a winner for anyone who is into brights. I don't think you have to worry.

What a cute picture of your girls!