Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Amazing Nan

The first time I uploaded these photos they were too large and just little red "x"s were visible. Have resized them down now, so hopefully no more problems! JB

My Nan turned 94 last Sunday. She still lives in her own home. She is not far from Mum and Dad and mum visits her almost everyday.
Sunday night, Nan, Mum and Dad, Russ and his sister Gaye and the girls all went out to dinner to celebrate. Poor me was home sick and I couldn't go! I really was disappointed but apart from the fact I couldn't stray too far from the toilet I wouldn't want to pass it on to anyone either. (Sorry if that is too much info!)
Russ was great and went shopping for me, bought her a DVD player and a beautiful chocolate mud cake. I normally bake the birthday cakes in the family and just wasn't up to it.
Seeing I couldn't be there I sent my camera along ..........

This is the birthday girl -

That's my mum with the knife!

My Dad in the brown shirt...

Charlotte with Aunty Gaye..
Chanel the Chocolate Cake Monster!..

Thanks Russ for all that you did and taking the photos!



Tazzie said...

Happy Birthday to your Nan! What an amazing woman, that's quite an achievement to be 94 and still independent!
I'm so sorry to hear you've been unwell, there must be an icky bug going around, so many people seem to have upset tummies lately.
I hope you're feeling better now.

swooze said...

Happy Birthday Nan! Hope you are better. Can't see the pics for some reason.

Helen said...

I can't see the picts either :( Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to your Nan!