Friday, February 23, 2007

Thank You Tazzie!!!!

Recently Tazzie and I had an email conversation regarding her Dear Jane's (plural - she is working on her second!).

Anyway, to cut the story short I sent her some info relevant to our conversation and look at what I got in the mail!

Thanks so much Tazzie! Two DJ coasters and some fabric (I am guessing for my own quilt? Not yet started of course!)
Now Tazzie suggested that these would help me think DJ thoughts at coffee time.....
But seeing it is Friday night, that is wine time!

Works for me!

Thanks so much Tazzie, I love them!



Tazzie said...

You're more than welcome hon, I'm glad you like them!

Ms. Jan said...

Coffee time AND wine time--that's why she made you two!!

Inga Helene said...


It's kind of weird seeing wine- glasses-outside-the-house pics now. We're still several months away from it. Lovely coasters. I haven't thought about using DJ-blocks for that. A good luck with your DJ. You'll love it, love it love it.....


Feeling Simply Quilty said...


That's a lot of quilting. I'm working on Nearly Insane, it's after the Dear Jane book by the same author. I guess after you do one Dear Jane, if you do another one, you're Nearly Insane. They are fun to make though. I'm about half through and had to put it down, won't go bad on the shelf, will get back to it soon.

anne bebbington said...

Hi Jodie - thanks for your kids comments - I do applique with freezer paper on top, it's the first method I was taught and it works for me so I stick with it. If you delve back into my old postings from last summer/autumn I did do some instructions if it helps

anne bebbington said...

sorry early morning here so fingers not woken up yet - that should have read 'kind' not kids - obviously got babies on the brain