Saturday, April 28, 2007

Siggie Squares

I am sure a lot of you are aware that Cynthia had organised a Siggie Swap. Certainly, some of my favourite bloggers took part.

Mine arrived over a week ago but as I have been such a bad blogger I am only talking about it now!

I am happy with the layout formed with the way I threw them down for a photo - no points to match up. I will try for a colour wash look, lights through to darks so some rearranging to do.

I also now collect quilt pins/badges, I have a very modest collection fuelled from May Britt and Tami, but I plan to add borders and setting triangles to make this a square wall hanging and use the borders to display the pins! (that is the plan anyway!)
Poor Elke's siggie squares went missing in the mail, so I emailed her and have sent her one of mine. I still have a couple left if anyone is interested. Also, if anyone wants to exchange quilt pins, drop me a line!

(PS Bad picture I know, but at the moment my camera and computer are not talking nicely to each other!)


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