Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A great weekend!

After being housebound with Charlotte and her Chickenpox for nearly two weeks I finally got out last Friday Night. Her school held a trivia fundraising night and my mum and dad came up to stay with the girls and Russ and I got out alone - with NO kids!!!! I had so much fun, I love trivia, not that I am any good, but we did enjoy ourselves.

For the record our team came second last overall for the night, but Russ won the best prize of all! Just before the MC left he said he had three tickets to the Sirromet Food and Wine Festival and he asked a question. My DH got it right! Woo Hoo!

Kids were free, so on Sunday, my Mum, fellow school mum Janine, and I set of with Janine's two girls and my two girls. It was a great event. It would have been more fun with out the kids, but they were catered for as far as food and rides go.

There were hundreds of people there and the entertainment was awesome. "Street Performers" milling about, always someone on stage, lots of jazz, a glass of wine! Ahhhhh, next time we need to find a baby sitter!

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Connie W said...

It all sounds so fun and exciting. Glad you were able to get out there and have a bit of fun. Two weeks with kids with chicken pox can be tiring (been there done that). Hope this week is a wonderful one for you.

Bart said...

It looks fantastic