Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another great mail day!

Lots of goodies waiting at the post office this morning. Firstly from Chookyblue a stitchery pattern and some quilt labels for leaving a comment on her 50th post. How easy was that! Thanks very much!

Second is my birthday present from DH. My birthday is still a few weeks away but seeing as I organised this I wasn't going to wait - The Civil War Diary Quilt and The Civil War Love Letter Quilt. I wanted the Diary book last year for my birthday and without going into the long drawn out story, I didn't get it. So on the 17th of July I pointed out to him that there weren't many shopping days left till my birthday if you had to order something from the states! He said order what you want, and I did! Thanks so much Russ.

Will I make the quilts? I don't know. Taking my track record into account probably not, but they look interesting reading. I'll need to start a collection of Civil War Repros now.



Chookyblue said...

oh how exciting..........when is your birthday....mine is coming up in the next few weeks..........

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

A new obsession is about to start Jodie. Once you start on the Civil War fabrics you will be lost. I have started the CWDiary quilt, but as it is one of my many projects it is still unfinished. You can get a lot of CW fabrics online from the US for $4 per yard. I buy 1/2 yard and have FAR too many.