Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More FQs

The birthday fat quarters continue to arrive. These ones came today. I really like the one on top, it looks more purple in real life. In the photo is looks like it has blue in it.

Today I have been sewing and have finished ALL my swap blocks except one. I am really happy about that. Will take some photos later on.

This afternoon Charlotte started swimming lessons again. Only problem is I forgot! Lessons are two minutes down the road from school and start at 3.30pm. I remembered at school, we flew home, she got changed and we raced back and were there at 3.20pm. I still can't believe it we made such good time.

At the moment it is anything but swimming weather, thank heavens for indoor pools. We have had torrential rain and cyclonic winds the last few days and last night our shade sails tore. DH took them down best he could in all the wind but they can't be saved. They will need to be replaced. At least we are all fine!



Laurie Ann said...

Good job on giving her swimming lessons. I never had any as a kid and learned when I was 40! Wish I had learned as a kid!!!

Christina said...

Hi Jodie

I didn't know you had a blog, been wasting too much time this afternoon and I stumbled across you.