Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Round 4 Morgan Park, Warwick

We spent the weekend out at Warwick, it was round 4 of this years championship. Warwick is about a 2.5 hour drive west of where we live. DH had three cars on the track this round. (He leases them out, he doesn't drive himself anymore :)). This is the pit area, a rev heads dream!

Unfortunately not so much fun for little girls........

But as always Charlotte has a smile for the camera!

The World Equestrian Trials took place out at Morgan Park as well over the weekend, just 'down the road' from the race track. There was an outbreak of EI (Equestrian Influenza) and the whole area was locked down and quarantined. They let us go, but everyone at the eqestrian event had to be de-contaminated. The horses are still in lock down out there and all horsing events in the state have been cancelled as they try to stop the spread of EI.
That added some excitement to the weekend.

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