Sunday, September 16, 2007

Especially for Chooky Blue

Donna has been helping me re-vamp my Blog. She re-sized the photo in my banner for me, and gave me some constructive comments throughout the process. Thanks for that! It is still not just right, but I am getting there.
Now if you are a regular reader over at Donna's blog you will know firstly that her camera died this week. On this I truly commiserate as I would be lost without mine, but secondly they desperately need rain for this seasons crops.

She has a suggestion on her blog now, that seeing as she can't post any photos, send her some of your own.
While I am not actually sending these to her, they are especially for her.

Storms forecast tonight........

Grey Skies, thunder and even a bit of lightening..........

and this much rain!

Hope you feel a bit better, you are not the only one missing out!
Thanks Again!



Chookyblue said...

oh thanks for being such a nice blog friend and I will help you out anytime......what happened to the green.... and thanks for thinking of me with the rain.......we have 34degrees forecast for Friday........god I hope not.......

Sharon said...

That's about the amount of rain we get here. And they call is rain?? LOL!!! We're supposed to get the real stuff Sat. Keep your fingers crossed.